Introduction to Operos

Operos is a Linux-based operating system for data centres. It comes pre-bundled with all of the bits and pieces that you’d need to provide a modern infrastructure interface to teams across the organization. Specifically, it includes:

  • Kubernetes for container orchestration
  • Ceph for distributed storage management
  • Calico for software-defined networking
  • Prometheus for metrics collection
  • A worker provisioning stack
  • Kube Dashboard for managing Kubernetes resources
  • UI for managing Operos components

The big design goal for Operos is that a single IT generalist should be able to deploy a complete system for running cloud native applications on premises in minutes; and that this system should require only a small fraction of that person’s time in ongoing maintenance.

Operos makes opinionated design choices and provides only those knobs and switches that are critical to operating the system. This significantly reduces the amount of friction, labour, and analysis that would otherwise go into implementing an infrastructure platform on premises.